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Google Cloud: Interacting with Terraform Modules and Working with Terraform Registry

Overview As you manage your infrastructure with Terraform, increasingly complex configurations will be created. There is no intrinsic limit to the complexity of a single Terraform configuration file or directory, so it is possible to continue writing and updating your configuration files in a single directory. However, if you do, you may encounter one or […]

Google Cloud: Creating Dataproc Cluster Using Google Cloud and Running a Pyspark Job

Description This hands-on lab introduces how to use Google Cloud Storage as the primary input and output location for Dataproc cluster jobs. Leveraging GCS over the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) allows us to treat clusters as ephemeral entities, so we can delete clusters that are no longer in use, while still preserving our data. […]

Google Cloud: Migrate a MySQL Database to Google Cloud SQL By Creating a Database Dump

Lab Topic: Create a Google Cloud SQL instance and create a database Import a MySQL database into Cloud SQL Reconfigure an application to use Cloud SQL instead of a local MySQL database Lab Scenario Your WordPress blog is running on a server that is no longer suitable. As the first part of a complete migration […]

Google Cloud: GCS FUSE — Mounting Cloud Storage buckets as Filesystem on Linux

Introduction Cloud Storage FUSE is an open source FUSEadapter that allows you to mount Cloud Storage buckets as file systems on Linux or macOS systems. It also provides a way for applications to upload and download Cloud Storage objects using standard file system semantics. Cloud Storage FUSE can be run anywhere with connectivity to Cloud Storage, including Google Compute […]

Google Cloud: Python Integration — Working with Storage Bucket and Jupyter Notebook

Introduction In this article, we will be learning how to use the Python Library for Google Cloud. We will be using Python Library for Google Cloud Storage and few lines of python code to upload a sample image file in our storage bucket. Feel free to use any type of file for the upload. We will […]

Google Cloud: Cloud Storage Bucket — Giving Roles and Permissions to an object

What is Cloud Storage Bucket? Google Cloud Storage is an object-based service that allows you to store objects in any file format. An Object can be any individual file or folder whereas a bucket is referred to as a container or object-based drive or a root folder where you store your objects. Cloud Storage can […]

Google Cloud: Creating Lifecycle Policies for Cloud Storage Bucket

What is Lifecycle Policy? It is used to create rules like setting a Time to Live (TTL) for objects, or “downgrading” storage classes of objects to help save money. You can add a lifecycle management configuration to a bucket. You will have to add certain conditions so once an object meets the criteria of any […]

Google Cloud: Implement Private Google Access and Cloud NAT

In this lab, you implement Private Google Access and Cloud NAT for a VM instance that doesn’t have an external IP address. Then, you verify access to public IP addresses of Google APIs and services and other connections to the internet. VM instances without external IP addresses are isolated from external networks. Using Cloud NAT, […]

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