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Google Cloud: Migrate a MySQL Database to Google Cloud SQL By Creating a Database Dump

Lab Topic: Create a Google Cloud SQL instance and create a database Import a MySQL database into Cloud SQL Reconfigure an application to use Cloud SQL instead of a local MySQL database Lab Scenario Your WordPress blog is running on a server that is no longer suitable. As the first part of a complete migration […]

Google Cloud: Installing WordPress on Compute Engine and using Cloud SQL as Database

Lab Overview: In this lab, we will create a Compute Engine using a WordPress Startup script. There is another way where you can use WordPress Image to launch the instance but that could be an expensive approach. We have provided the startup script and way to connect to the Database. Lab Details: This lab walks […]

Google Cloud: Introduction to Google Cloud SQL

What is Google Cloud SQL? Google Cloud SQL is a relational database service where its main offerings are relational data, transactional data (mainly used in banks). For e.g. Without database transactions your bank would not offer you to transfer money from one account to another, What if the transfer of $100 didn’t result in receiving […]

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