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Google Cloud: VM migration lifecycle (M4CE 4.11)

This page describes the phases a particular VM undergoes during a migration to Google Cloud. Some phases are optional, and others are unavailable during cloud-to-cloud migrations. Full migration The full migration operation moves VMs in one step from source to target. In doing so, it: Performs the run-in-cloud process. Waits for the VMs to be in the Cache […]

Google Cloud: Uninstalling Migrate for Compute Engine (4.X)

The method for uninstalling Google Cloud Migrate for Compute Engine depends on how you were using it. If you were migrating from another cloud into GCP, see Uninstalling Migrate for Compute Engine (cloud-to-cloud migrations). If you were migrating from on-premises to GCP, see Uninstalling Migrate for Compute Engine from on-prem). Uninstalling Migrate for Compute Engine (cloud-to-cloud migrations) […]

Google Cloud: Migrate a MySQL Database to Google Cloud SQL By Creating a Database Dump

Lab Topic: Create a Google Cloud SQL instance and create a database Import a MySQL database into Cloud SQL Reconfigure an application to use Cloud SQL instead of a local MySQL database Lab Scenario Your WordPress blog is running on a server that is no longer suitable. As the first part of a complete migration […]

Google Cloud: Introduction to Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE)

What Is Google Cloud VMware Engine(GCVE) Google Cloud VMware Engine is a fully managed service that lets you run the VMware platform in Google Cloud. VMware Engine provides you with VMware operational continuity so you can benefit from a cloud consumption model and lower your total cost of ownership. VMware Engine also offers on-demand provisioning, […]

Google Cloud: Cloud Migration Journey Overview

Beginning the journey When planning your migration to Google Cloud, you start by defining the environments that are involved in the migration. Your starting point can be an on-premises environment, a private hosting environment, or another public cloud environment. An on-premises environment is an environment where you have full ownership and responsibility. You retain full […]

Google Cloud: VM Migration lifecycle

Migrate for Compute Engine enables you to migrate (Lift and Shift) your virtual machines (VMs), with minor automatic modifications, from your source environment to Google Compute Engine. Migrate for Compute Engine uses data replication technology which continuously replicates disk data from the source VMs to Google Cloud without causing any downtime on the source. You […]

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