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Google Cloud: Interacting with Terraform Modules and Working with Terraform Registry

Overview As you manage your infrastructure with Terraform, increasingly complex configurations will be created. There is no intrinsic limit to the complexity of a single Terraform configuration file or directory, so it is possible to continue writing and updating your configuration files in a single directory. However, if you do, you may encounter one or […]

Terraform: Building And Testing a Basic Terraform Module

Introduction Terraform modules are a good way to abstract out repeated chunks of code, making it reusable across other Terraform projects and configurations. In this hands-on lab, we’ll be writing a basic Terraform module from scratch and then testing it out. Create the Directory Structure for the Terraform Project Check the Terraform status using the version command: […]

Terraform: Introduction to Terraform Cloud

1. What is Terraform Cloud? Terraform Cloud is an application that manages Terraform runs in a consistent and reliable environment instead of on your local machine. It stores shared state and secret data, and connects to version control systems so that you and your team can work on infrastructure as code within your usual code workflow. […]

Google Cloud: Managing infrastructure as code with Terraform, Cloud Build, and GitOps

This tutorial explains how to manage infrastructure as code with Terraform and Cloud Build using the popular GitOps methodology. The term GitOps was first coined by Weaveworks, and its key concept is using a Git repository to store the environment state that you want. Terraform is a HashiCorp open source tool that enables you to predictably create, change, and improve your cloud infrastructure by […]

Google Cloud: Configuring CL/CD Pipeline using Cloud Build And GitHub

Overview Cloud Build uses build triggers to enable CI/CD automations. You can configure triggers to listen for incoming events, such as when a new commit is pushed to a repository or when a pull request is initiated, and then automatically invoke a build when new events come in. You will create a trigger and configure that trigger […]

Google Cloud: Using Terraform to Create a New VPC and Public Subnet in GCP

Scenario Your company wants to provision a new network with a public subnet so they can test any new instances within that public subnet. They have tasked you with creating this VPC and subnet through Infrastructure as Code so they can test and launch resources as necessary. You’ll need to accomplish the following steps to […]

Google Cloud: Installing and Configuring Terraform on a Compute Engine Instance

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to install “Terraform” on a linux machine. For our demonstration purpose we will be using “google cloud compute instance” which will have “centos7” running. Create a Compute Engine Instance From Google Cloud navigation, choose Compute Engine. In the main window pane, click Create. Name your instance instance-1. In the Boot […]

Google Cloud: Creating Virtual Machine using Deployment Manager

Lab Details: This lab walks you through Cloud Deployment Manager. You will be creating a Template and Deployment. Lab Tasks: Login into GCP Console. Creating a Template file. Creating a Deployment to launch Compute Engine and Firewall Rule. Creating a Deployment using CDM: Start the Cloud Shell from the top bar. Enter the command to create a […]

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