Bitbucket: Import A GitHub Repository Into Bitbucket

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Login to your Github Account and get the URL of Repository

  1. Login to your github account and go inside the repository you wish to be copied to bitbucket
  1. Click on the drop down menu from code and copy the URL under HTTPS:
  1. In our case below is the URL we have copied:

Importing the repository into Bitbucket

  1. Login to your Bitbucket account.
  1. Click + in the global sidebar
  1. Select Repository under Import.
  2. Enter the URL( The URL we had earlier copied from Github Repository ) , and a Username/Password combination ( your github credentials) for private repositories that require authorization. Note: If your organization has configured a personal access token to retrieve the repository via your Git client or the command line, then you may need to use it in lieu of your username/password within the Bitbucket importer.
  3. Enter a Name for your new repository.
  4. If you want the repository to be public, uncheck This is a private repository.
  1. Press Import repository.
  2. Successful imports should show something like below:
  1. Once Import is successful, you will see your github repositiory imported into Bitbucket.

Congratulations !! You have successfully imported your Github repository into Bitbucket.

Happy Learning !!!

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